Can a Highlight Video Hurt My Recruiting?

by YouthBasketballNewz

Can a Highlight Video Hurt My Recruiting?

Highlight videos are an extremely vital part of the recruitment process.  The video is your first impression with a coach, and can be the determining factor in whether a coach elects to come watch you play live, or not.  It is therefore, vital that your highlights cast you in the best light.  Remember, coaches study film, and break down plays and players all the time.  When they watch your video, they are going to do the same thing.  They will look at your fundamentals, techniques, and athleticism in determining whether to invest in watching you play live.

What drew my attention to this topic was a football highlight video that I happened to watch on the site of a company offering to create video highlights.  There were at least three plays in this player’s highlight video that caught my attention.  The end result of the play was great.  The player broke up the pass in each play, however, when you look closely at the plays, his technique was poor.  In each play the player used poor technique, which led to him being out of position.  The most damaging play was a post play.  In the play the player opened up the wrong way, and the quarterback placed the ball poorly, allowing him to recover and knock the ball away.  This play was not a highlight play, yet was part of the players highlight video.   

When you select your plays for your highlight video, be critical.  Look at the play, and make sure you did things fundamentally sound.  Ask yourself, if there is anything that could cause a coach to question your ability to play for them.   Make sure all your highlights are not of a similar type of play.  Are all your plays offensive plays, which may give the impression that you do not play defense, or that defense may be a weakness for you.  Do all your plays show you bringing the ball up, making a move on your defender, and knocking down a jump shot?  A coach may think you are a selfish player, that doesn’t involve his team mates.    Are all your jump shots wide open uncontested jump shots, which may lead a coach to question your ability to shoot coming off a screen with a players hand in your face.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.     Your video is your audition, make sure it tells what you are about.


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