Coaching Tips

Characteristics Shared by Great Coaches

If you aspire to be a great youth basketball coach, you must have passion, a love to compete, and a willingness to give of your time. Greatness is not defined by how many wins you have, but the impact that you have made on the youth that have come in contact with.   Great coaches develop their players talent, and get the most out of every player they are involved with.  They teach life lessons so that their players are able to function and be successful, both on the court and off the court.  Most importantly great coaches are admired and appreciated by their former players.

Hear from some of the top college coaches below from FilmRoomTV.



Player Development vs Strategy to Win

by YouthBasketballNewz

As a coach it is very difficult to balance player development with a winning strategy.   Players and parents all want to win games, however as a coach we have to ask ourselves if the strategy we use during a game is good, or bad for player development.  Roy Williams  in this short clip shares a situation where he feels that the strategy used by a youth coach, actually hurt player development.   Take a look.