Developing a Plan for Youth Basketball Players

by YouthBasketballNewz

Developing a  Plan for Youth Basketball Players

Have you and your son/daughter developed a plan to assist them in reaching their goals in playing youth basketball?  Have you had a discussion about how far they may want to go in basketball?    In Chicago for example, many parents are using basketball as a way to get their children a private high school education for free.  Basketball is a very competitive sport.   Unlike football where a school may have close to 50 players on a roster, many high school teams only have between 12 -15 athletes.  Therefore competition is tough, and you had better have a plan.  I call it a “Basketball Career Plan”.  You may be laughing right now, or thinking this writer is taking this a little too serious.  The reality is that developing a plan with your son/daughter at a young age teaches them a very valuable skill that they need in life.

Basketball teaches life lessons, in addition to how to dribble, shoot, and pass.  One such lesson that will serve your child now, and into the future, is to teach them how to “Plan”, and follow their plan.  In every aspect of life we need to have planning skills.  For example, we do college planning,  career planning, financial planning, and the list goes on.   Basketball is a great starting point to introduce the importance of planning.

Basketball  Career Planning is very similar to College Planning, as a matter of fact, if your athlete wants to play in college, the plans will go hand in hand.  The purpose is to make sure that your player has identified, and learned all the skills necessary to play basketball at the level that they aspire to reach.  If your child wants to play basketball in high school, then their plan should be focused on reaching the goal of playing basketball in high school.  If College is the goal, then the same, should hold true.  A college plan focuses on all the necessary requirements to get into college.  Such as required classes, GPA, entrance exams, extracurricular activities, financial aid, and more.  A Basketball Career Plan focuses on basketball related requirements, skills, and knowledge required in obtaining their goals.

The reality is that if we introduce our kids to the career planning process at an early age, and using basketball as their training ground, then we lay the foundation for using the skill to plan their own career path in life.

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