Guard Your Brand!

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Guard Your Brand!


What is meant by “Guard Your Brand”? “ Guard Your Brand”, means protect your image or name.  I was watching a video by Coach Koren Godwin on “Twitter Rules”.  He actually mentioned the phrase in the video.  It brought back memories of a poem that my mother gave me when I was a young teenager.  The poem was about protecting your name, last name.  It went on to say how precious our name is, and that our fathers gave it to us at birth, and how it was clean when we received it. The poem spoke of how we should do things that protect and keep our name clean.  In the end the most important point is that once you stain your name, it is stained forever.  Your name is one thing that is hard to get clean once you have tarnished it.

Coach Koren Godwin’s video which you can watch here, speaks to the importance of being careful about what is placed on the Twitter and Facebook page of a young athlete.  He goes through the story of a high school student who contacted him regarding getting recruited.   I won’t go into detail, as I will let you watch the video.  Coach Godwin explains that the NCAA has recently modified its rules allowing coaches unlimited use of social media.   As he states that everything you say will stay with you now.   In the end Coach Godwin gives two rules:

  1. Do not say anything derogatory on twitter or facebook if you ever hope to be recruited.
  2. Guard your Brand!

It is funny, but a company will fiercely protect their brand or image.  They want to make sure that no one does anything to tarnish it.  Companies will fire employees, and sue people, and other companies to protect their company name.  We as human beings need to take that same approach, and guard our brand.  Our brand is our name.  The actions we take, the things we say, and unfortunately the company we keep, can all hurt our brand. 

As an athlete looking to someday obtain a scholarship, using social media the wrong way can ruin your chances.  Scholarships are an investment.  Recruiting a player with character issues, can be a career ending decision for a coach.   Coach Godwin gives the suggestion, as I do.  Use your name on Facebook and Twitter for recruiting purposes ONLY.  Be careful about who you friend on Facebook, and who you follow on Twitter.  Your name can be tarnished by the company you keep.

Remember, Guard Your Brand!


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