Hard Work Will Keep You at the Top

by YouthBasketballNewz

Hard Work Will Keep You at the Top

Young players don’t take your talent for granted.  Continue to work hard, or you face losing what you have gained.  I recently read a quote by Michael Jordan, which I think is something that every young player that wants to be at the top of their game should have above their bed.  He tweeted:


I don’t think that Michael is the first to say this, but what he says is so true.  It is very easy for young players to have early success, because of God given talent.  However, they stop working.  They skip practices, do not work on their weaknesses, and before you know it, they fall from their top spot.

Similar to the Parable of Talents, where the servants who put their talents to use, gained more, but the servant who didn’t put his talent to work, had what was given to him taken away.

Don’t lose what you are given, continue to work hard, because hard work is the only thing that will keep you on top.


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