Make Your Haters Your Motivators

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Make Your Haters Your Motivators

Ever had someone put you down?  People tell you that you are not a very good player?  How did you respond?  Did you get into a verbal confrontation?  Did you start to believe the things that they said?

You are not alone.  Some of the best basketball players in history had people who doubted their ability.  Michael Jordan is a prime example.  If you will recall Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Induction speech, he spoke about people who aided in fueling his success.  He called it putting a log on the fire.   He had lots of people during the course of his life that added logs to his fire. 

Coach Godwill in his video, HATERS = MOTIVATORS speaks on the topic also.  He makes a great point in that there will always be people who will strive to put you down.  The key is how you respond.  Do you cave under the criticism, or do you use it to fuel your success?  You must be mentally tough to play sports.

In turning the criticism or pessimism into motivation that will fuel your success, you have to do one thing.  As Coach Godwill states start looking at things from the standpoint of “must do” vs. “should do”.   As an example, I must get in the gym and workout, verses I should get in the gym today to workout.  I must push myself during my workout.  When someone says that you aren’t a very good ball handler, how should you respond?  You should say to yourself, I must work on my ball handling to make sure my ball handling skills are strong.  Everything should be looked at from the standpoint of I “must do”.

All great athletes have something that motivates them to be the best that they can be.  If you have haters that are putting you down, and trying to get in your head, use them as your motivation.

Make your Haters Your Motivation! Be the best you can be.

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