Six Facts on Earning a College Basketball Scholarship

by YouthBasketballNewz

The Wallstreet Journal recently published an articled entitled “Competing for College Scholarships on the Field and Online“.  There were six (6) facts if you are a parent with an athlete desiring to earn a  college basketball scholarship to college, will want to take notice of.   They are outlined below.

  1. The probability of playing varsity sports in college is low.   According to athletes have a 6% chance of playing varsity sports in college in general.  For basketball, the probability drops to less than 1%.   There are a lot of athletes competing for a few spots.
  2. Tuition for 4 year private colleges has exceeded $250,000.  This is leading to parents encouraging their children to compete for college scholarships.  They are also willing to invest large amounts of money to help their kids obtain athletic scholarships.  Athletics on college applications assist students in being accepted into competitive schools.
  3. Parents are investing heavily in an effort assist their kids in obtaining athletic scholarships.  Parents are sending their kids to camps, hiring specialty coaches, and videographers.    As mentioned in the article a parent spent close to $4,000 to help place their athlete in a better position for obtaining a college  athletic scholarship.
  4. Unless an athlete is one of the top 100 prospects in the country, they will need assistance with recruiting.    If your athlete is one of the Top 100 prospects, college coaches will find them.  If not they will need to be proactive is letting the coaches know they exist and are interested in their school. 
  5. Put together a Plan.  Planning is very important.  With competition for earning a college basketball scholarship being stiff, athletes need to develop a strategy that will make sure, they are prepared to play at the college level, and to get the interest of coaches.   The process should begin as Freshmen in high school. 
  6. Don’t rely on club or high school coaches to assist with obtaining college athletic scholarships.  Many club coaches and high school coaches lack the college network required to get scholarship offers.   According to the article, club coaches and high school coaches may have a few connections, but many times that is not enough.  There are services that athletes can use to express interest to coaches, and begin the recruiting process.  One such service is Berecruited.  They give the athlete the ability to create a free online profile and resume, along with research, and notify coaches of the athletes interest in the program.   

 Remember competition is stiff, but if  a plan is put together, and preparation begins before the athlete enters high school, they may find themselves having the opportunity to earn money for school.  Do not make the mistake and wait, or think the club coach has the network to get an athlete noticed.  Take action.

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